Like swallowing a pill

And speaking of things I hate, this website is necessary, but pretty much makes my skin crawl:

Seattle Art Blog

If I want to be seeing more art, and writing about more art, I need to know what’s going on here in sleepy Seattle. I can’t simply confine myself to the SAM (and even our collection has its dubious pieces). I really need to adopt an omnivorous appetite and just consume everything for a while. But…egads, I look through much of this, and my heart sinks. I want GREAT ART, and so much of this looks mediocre. Ehh, tiny podunk galleries with ceramics that look like they came from a Paint-your-own-Plate! place. Still, the Renoir exhibit at the TAM looks like an excellent Saturday excursion, and now I can’t complain that I don’t know what’s going on. Shut up and get out there right? And, as I’ve learned, seeing bad art is sometimes far more instructive than seeing great art.


~ by ecp on January 25, 2008.

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