I am so smart! S-M-R-T!

So, this is where I prove to you exactly what kind of a nerd I really am. This morning, I was poking around online looking for a list of color adjectives, and I came across this effin’ fantastic website:

The Phrontistery and its partner website, International House of Logorrhea

I think I’ve just gone to heaven. See, since I left my Microsoft gig in the beginning of this year, I haven’t had access to the online version of the OED. (I was not smart enough to ask my parents for the compact edition, at some $300 for the volumes printed in type so small you need to read it with a magnifying glass.)

And, this is where I confess that I used to belong to a club — rather, I helped found a club — called SMRT. Yeah. We were that smug. I was in college, what do you want? We were the Society for Macaronic Recreation at Trinity, and we existed to play Scrabble, Balderdash, Botticelli, argue about the finer points of English grammar and diction. For example, how exactly *do* you pronounce the word draught: “draft?” – “drauft?” – “draught?” (the last is heavy on the phlegm). The OED shall rescue us all.

Since university, I have become less pedantic on matters of language and grammar, but I still take delight in the linguistic and orthographical obscurities of the English language. And it pleases me to run across nerds of a similiar persuasion. Let’s raise a draught to all those other logophiles.


~ by ecp on November 17, 2008.

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