First Thursday Redux

Err, make that second Thursday, because galleries decided that January 1st was a holiday. Anyway. The rains let up long enough for me to make my monthly pilgrimage down to Pioneer Square to peer in at galleries. It was a good evening.

In the interests of shortcutting, I give you links. Which is lame. If I’d thought ahead, I would have structured this differently, but I didn’t want a post that was, oh, nine million scrolls long. Blog and learn, right?

  • Howard House: emptiness, abandonment and  industrialism in the large-scale photographs of David Hartt and Arthur S. Aubry
  • Gallery4Culture: W. Scott Trimble’s neato miniature modular cedar walkways that make you wish you carried toy soldiers in your purse
  • Soil and Platform: Soil is a party in a gallery with melting architecture; Platform brings you more abandonment and emptiness and large scale photos, this time from Adam Eckberg
  • Greg Kucera Gallery: extreme abstract art from Michael Dailey and Robert Motherwell
  • James Harris Gallery: W. Scott Foldesi and his eerie paint-by-number canvases

~ by ecp on January 9, 2009.

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