Greg Kucera Gallery: Michael Dailey and Robert Motherwell

Next stop? Greg Kucera. Currently running Michael Dailey: Work from 1965-1999 in the main room, and Selected Unique Works by Robert Motherwell. This is where I fail you as a blogger. I have nothing to say about the Dailey paintings, except that they are pretty and soothing.

I do badly with the extreme end of super abstract art, which is what Dailey creates.  Let’s chalk it up to that History of 20th Century American Art course that I never took in uni, because I was too busy being a medievalist. I will give you a lovely photo, though:

Greg Kucera Gallery

Dunraven Night (Michael Dailey, 1999) Image: Greg Kucera Gallery

Ok, I take it back. Did anyone go see the Richard Misrach show at the Henry last month? Did you see his weird, super abstract photos of the night sky, where he was matching up pantone colors? Misrach’s point in his photos (more monumental photos!) was that though the photos seemingly didn’t depict anything (and celestial bodies tended to look like dust smudges on his lens), they were, in fact, very specific photos of a particular place and date. Each was unique. The colors in Dailey’s paintings remind me of those photos, and the weird barriers also remind me a bit of a modern piece at the SAM that incorporates a window shade (rargh, can’t remember the artist, and it’s not in the online catalogue – will check tomorrow). Anyway.

The Motherwell pieces left slightly more of an impression. They are less pretty, more Rohrschach-like. I came away feeling like he was trying to say something vaguely sexual with his images…though maybe that’s just me.

Greg Kucera

Beau Geste IV (Robert Motherwell, 1989) Image: Greg Kucera Gallery

Catch Michael Dailey’s older work (1965-1999) at Greg Kucera through February 14. Those interested in his more recent paintings (2000-2008 – similar to the one above) can check them out at a tandem show at the Francine Seders Gallery through February 11. There is a reception on January 11, as well.

Robert Motherwell’s work is also on at Kucera through February 14.


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