Soil: Nevermind the Gap; Platform: Adam Eckberg’s Next to Nothing

I veered the corner from Prefontaine Street back down 3rd Avenue, and stepped into Soil Gallery which is currently running Nevermind the Gap. You know, every time I stumble in on First Thursday, it feels like a party – the kind where I always feel a little awkward but enjoy myself anyway. The front part of the gallery felt like Salvador Dali had approached home construction. On the right side of the room, the plywood studs melted through a large false wall, looking a bit like the sensuous curve of the prow of a ship. A little further on, I ducked to avoid the vanilla pudding colored stalagmites which had been formed by ignoring gravity and dripping across the span of the room. (It was the second time in my life I was struck with the urge to lick art.) All around me, people laughed and talked and drank their dixie cups of wine, and I felt strangely underdressed in my ordinary black coat, clogs, and red scarf. I liked the little felt flowers growing out of the wall sockets.

Soil Gallery

Poof! (Jodi Rockwell & Toi Sennhauser, 2008) Image: Soil Gallery

Nevermind the Gap runs through January 31.

Next door, I ducked into Platform, to see Adam Eckberg’s Next to Nothing. More monumental photographs! These were better than the ones I’d seen earlier in the evening, and I liked the sense of whimsy here. Eckberg focuses on the idea of emptiness and nothingness, when in truth, there really is no such thing. So, we see photos of floating balloons, a single bubble floating in an empty sunlight filled living room on a wintry day, fire in a forest. They are intriguing, if only because they again speak to our ideas of abandonment and poverty. (Dude, what is it with the abandonment?! This isn’t the last time I saw it last night, either!) I was also curious that wilderness was equated with emptiness, here. Interesting.

Platform Gallery

Untitled (Adam Eckberg, 2007) Image: Platform Gallery

Next to Nothing runs through February 14th.


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