New digs!

Things have been very busy for arts&letters lately! Well, rather for the girl behind the blog. A while ago I replied to an on Craigslist looking for paid bloggers to write for, a website that aims to crowdsource local knowledge about specific areas…but in a blog format. The idea is that each “examiner” has a locale and an area of expertise, and you can search their site for local examiners (in Seattle, in NYC, etc.) or on topic (high school sports, parenting, navigating the rental market).

Anyway. I investigated their site, and I’ve *no idea* what their traffic numbers are, but many of the folks who write for them (locally, anyway) are published writers, and the content is surprisingly good. I applied for the Seattle area visual arts spot…and ta da! That’s where I’ll be writing now.

You can now find me writing here:

This doesn’t mean I’ll be neglecting this blog, not entirely. I will probably be using this site to archive posts, as well as to write about topics that are not exclusively art-related. But the majority of my writing will happen over at Examiner. I know, I know, the ads are tacky, but I’ll be getting paid to write (on a per-click basis), so it made some sense. I look forward to seeing you over there!

Yay! And may this lead to bigger and better things!


~ by ecp on March 4, 2009.

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